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A Mixed Development

A Mixed Development

In Singapore, a mixed development is termed as a development or even a single building, that is a blend of residential / commercial / industrial uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, and that provides pedestrian connections.

Traditionally, mixed developments are usually located in centralized locations in Singapore, such as in Orchard, Shenton Way and Marina Bay. Coping with land scarcity and an increasing population, mixed developments seems to be the efficient and convenient answer to that problem. Due to its gaining popularity, we have started to see more such developments making their way into suburban neighborhood communities.

Most of these new suburban mixed developments are within a private landed enclave and are quite popular with those residing in the exclusive neighborhoods as they will get to enjoy all the convenience and entertainment these missed developments provide without having to travel far from home.


Benefits for Residents:

  • Provides greater housing variety and density, more affordable housing (smaller units), life-cycle housing (starter homes to larger homes to senior housing)
  • Reducing distances between housing, workplaces, retail businesses, and other amenities and destinations.
  • Allowing more compactness and better land-use synergy (e.g. residents provide customers for retail which provide amenities for residents).
  • Creating a stronger neighborhood character and a sense of place.
  • Reducing transportation costs by increasing accessibility via transit through walk-able, bike-able neighborhood pedestrian connections.


Benefits for Commercial Businesses:

  • Finding customers is always a challenge for retail outlets. But when you operate a shop space within residential grounds, you have a limited but steady supply of potential customers to cater to. This also makes deciding on the types of product you want to sell based on your customers’ preferences much easier.
  • Operating a shop space within an exclusive private landed enclave neighborhood means your customers are most likely affluent and will easily be about to afford your products and services.
  • Lower rental costs compared to shop spaces in town central locations. With reasonable rental costs, it will be easier for the operation to generate healthy revenue amount each month to cover the rental and make profits at the same time.
  • Mixed developments thus become not only a testing ground but a possible launching pad for businesses with the ability to get off the ground.